Goals and objective

Goals and objective

The main objective of the Agency is to preserve, effectively manage, and popularize the objects of cultural heritage (cultural and historical monuments that are maintained by the Agency) of the peoples of the Russian Federation.

Our mission

Our mission is

  • — To develop and implement the maintaining of the cultural heritage objects (CHOs) using efficient economic methods;
  • — To adapt CHOs to contemporary use based on their historical designations;
  • — To support CHOs’ owners in preservation, usage, and popularization of CHOs of the Russian Federation.


  • — Handling and development of CHOs that are in the federal property and under the management of the Agency;
  • — Historical research of the CHOs;
  • — Development and management of restoration of the CHOs;
  • — Popularization of cultural heritage including but not limited to excursions, lecturing services, and multimedia production.


Federal state cultural institution «Cultural and historical monuments management agency» (FSCI «CHMMA») was founded December 21st, 2000 by the combined bylaw of the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Property of the Russian Federation in order to improve the system of cultural heritage objects’ (CHO) management.

As of today (February 2015) the Agency manages 217 CHOs with the area of more then 500,000 square meters located throughout the territory of the Russian Federation from Saint Petersburg to Vladivostok (Primorskiy Region).

During that time the Agency has performed complex restorations of monuments and architectural ensembles including the most significant ones – The Astrakhan Kremlin, The Nizhny Novgorod burg, and the Rostov’s Academic Theatre of Drama named after M. Gorky.